Dant Dhawan Kund faizabad

The Dant Dhawan Kund is situated near Hanuman Garhi mythologically in the city of Ayodhya, Faizabad. The Dant Dhawan Kund is said that Lord Shri Rama along with his brothers used to cleanse their teeth on the bank of this very kund.

According to a popular traditional story, at a time, there was a brahmin named Kaundilya lived at this place. One day, his seat, made of dead skin of a deer (Mrig-charm), fell into the kund and got converted in a living deer miraculously. Before leaving to the abode of the Supreme, he told that he was a merchant in his previous life.

After his death he was given a chance to serve a Great Sage as a fruit of his worship to Tulsi plant in his previous life and by the mere touch of this kund he got rid of all his sins. Importance of Dant Dhawan Kund is especially attached to the day of Shri Ram Navami.

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