Gita Press Gorakhpur

The Gita Press is 4 km. from gorakhpur Railway Station on Reti Chowk. which is a publication house for Hindu spiritual books.The Geeta press has been there for many a years and has gained much popularity because of consistency and Demand. It takes around 15 minutes by Rickshaw from Dharamshala ( Place near railway station). Please note that its better not to take an auto rickshaw because of narrow road and turnarounds. After reaching this place i saw a big entry which is in a shape of a temple, actually it is said to be a temple itself since the publication house is suppose to be very holy. There is a small section which is open for the visitor.

You may have to take permission to go inside the publication area where the books are printed, however if you tell them that you are here to visit, then you will be directed to a section which is on the first floor. This place basically has paintings from epic Rama and Krishna and many other famous Hindu tales. The paintings are priceless and has been very well maintained. No photography is allowed. All 18 parts of "SHREE MAHABHAGWAT GITA" is written on marble - walls. Other wall hangings and paintings reveal the events of life of Lord Rama & Krishna. All sorts of Hindu religious books and handloom-textiles are sold here on subsidised rates.

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