Hanuman Garhi temple Ayodhya

Hanuman Garhi temple is easily approachable from the rest of Ayodhya.The Hanuman Garhi temple is Situated in the centre of the town. The Hanuman Garhi temple is a must visit during your trip to Ayodhya. The Hanuman Garhi temple is an important site both in terms of religion as well as architecture and is thus hot among the tourists visiting Ayodhya. Hanuman Garhi temple is a massive structure in the shape of a four-sided fort with circular bastions at each corner.

The Hanuman Garhi temple is approachable by a flight of 76 steps. The manner in which this temple has been carved out is mesmerizing. One has to take the curved flight of stairs to reach this spot that is said to be once inhabited by Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman was the escort and guard of Lord Rama during and after his campaign against Lanka. 

If one goes by the legend, Hanuman lived in this cave and guarded the Janambhoomi or Ramkot. The sanctum contains the statue of Mata Anjani holding infant Hanuman on her lap. The statue itself is unimpressive and one has to struggle in dark while figuring out the statue. The faithful believe that all their wishes are granted with a visit to this holy shrine.

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