Mani parbat temple ayodhya

Mani Parvat temple is located at a distance of 1 km from Ayodhya railway station near Vidya Kund. Mani Parvat is stands about 65 feet high and some scholars think it to be Buddhist orgin. The  Mani Parvat temple located on this Parvat is believed to be very old (Treta Period) & was later renovated by Vikramaditya. Two sets of belief are associated with it. According to one, while carrying Sanjeevani Booti (herb), by Lord Hanuman a chunk of the hill fell down here & later on got to be known as Mani Parvat Temple.

According to another set of belief this place owes its origin to the times of Lord Buddha who is supposed to have meditated here for six years. It is also believed that Sita used to come here in every Shravan month to enjoy the pleasure of swing (Jhula). Even today the Shravan mela (Jhulonotasva) of Ayodhya begins from this place in Shravan month.

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