Ramgarh Taal Gorakhpur

Ramgarh Taal is a natural lake. Ramgarh Taal lake is situated near Tara Mandal which is around 7 -8 km from the Railway station of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh and covers an area of about 723 ha. The catchment area around the lake is approximately 1632 acres, out of which, 1235 acres land is under Gorakhpur Development authority (GDA). Fishes of different varieties live in this water body.  The former MP of the area, Mr. Virbahasur, in 1987 announced the Ramgarh Taal Tourist Complex scheme in 1987. From June 1987 to July 1988,  Gorakhpur Development authority  worked on this project. This was a 1200-acre project developed by the state government, to incorporate large number of activities, like water sports complex, buddha museum, planetarium, tourist bungalow and champa vihar park around the area. But in later years, the area began to lose its charm and condition of the lake deteriorated. The area of lake reduced from 723 ha to 669 ha in recent time. The depth of the lake has also reduced from 4.5 m in 1998 to 3.8 m in 2006.

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