Sonkar Kund faizabad

Sonkar Kund is situated near Bari Chhawani in the city of Ayodhya. A popular local story to this place is writen billow: 
Once upon a time, the Chakrawarti King Raghu of Ayodhya accomplished a victory march (Digvijay Yatra) and after successful completion of it, he performed a sacrifice called "Vishwajit Yagya" in which he donated all his wealth, except the statutory symbols of Ayodhya Dynasty.

After sometime, a bachelor named "Kautsa" came to him and asked for some money to present his master in the form of "Guru Dakshina". As the king had no money and wealth left in his treasury, upon consultations with his ministers, he decided to conquer Kuber, the deity of wealth, and acquire some wealth.

Kuber, having known the intention of the king, rained ample of wealth on the Ayodhya near this Kund. It is believed that having a dip in this Kund gives happiness. Bathing in this Kund has special glory on Vaishakh Shukla Dwadashi according to Hindu belief.

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